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As freight and logistics services provider our name gets defined with the level of services we provide to our customers and partners around the globe. In ABANCHY we believe in quality over quantity, therefore we make sure all of our staff has allocated quality time for each and every job we take care of under ABANCHY.

In this ever-changing global and local markets we know how important it is to deliver the cargo to its final destination on time, with this high competition even a one-day delay can cost you your most valuable customer. Hence, we always update our customers with all possible routing options along with market trends which help you to keep an edge with your competitors.

We have agreements and contracts with tier 01 service providers to cover 360′ in logistics which makes our service competitive and reliable in all aspects. Our motto is to grow with our customers by serving them to be better in their industries.

To be par with global compliance, all our employees are obliged to adhere to business ethics and rules as well as to assure the confidentiality of our customers’/partners’ information no matter how small or big they are.

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Whether you’re importing or exporting, ABANCHY has your international shipping covered port to port or door to door in full container loads or less than a container loads. We provide affordable international freight forwarding here in Sri Lanka. Whether you are shipping Less-than-Container (LCL) to Full-Container-Load (FCL), we offer varied cargo solutions that fit your needs.

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The fastest and safest way to import and export goods internationally are by Air Freight. Our Services specialize in assessing your specific needs and customize our air services for your large-scale project or smaller express shipment which can be door to door, terminal to terminal, or anything in-between.

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ABANCHY… Serve Your Purpose